About Lymph Drainage

slide5The lymphatic system is critical in flushing toxins from the body. It is the body’s primary source of support for the immune system and an important means of waste elimination. It has more than 600 lymph nodes or collection sites and an intricate network of collecting vessels. A few of its primary responsibilities are:

• Maintaining the fluid equilibrium of the connective tissue

• Eliminating dying and mutated cells

• Removing cellular waste

• Transporting nutrients and renewing the body’s defence systems

• Maintaining hormone balance

If the lymphatic system is blocked the lymph glands swell and become painful. The body is less able to defend itself against pathogens and nourishing elements are prevented from reaching the blood. As a result, germs grow, the blood loses its protein and infectious diseases can take hold.


A lymphatic system in need of treatment can show itself through:

•  Tiredness

• Premature aging

•  Puffiness

• Swollen joints

•  Cellulite

• Spotty skin and acne

•  Migraines

• High blood pressure

•  Circulatory problems


•  Intestinal problems

•  Rheumatic problems

•  Scarring

•  Bags under the eyes

•  Low resistance to illness

The traditional approach to improving the effectiveness of the lymphatic system is lymphatic drainage massage. This technique eliminates blockages and increases the flow of lymphatic fluid through the body.


Although lymphatic drainage massage can achieve satisfactory results, new technology developed in the US has made significant advances in the treatment of the lymphatic system.

Treatment with the Light Beam Generator increases the effectiveness of manual techniques by many times. It does this by separating unhealthy randomly bonded proteins which cause blockages,  by ionising them with electrons. This has the effect of charging them with the same negative charge so that they repel one another and in the process release the water which they were holding. Healthy tissues do not hold water and are not affected by the Light Beam Generator.


Improved lymph flow can reduce chronic pain by stimulating the regenerative healing responses of the body. Lymphatic drainage is an important treatment for ME and arthritis and is good for a general tone up. The technique is also particularly effective before and after surgery.

An effective lymphatic system is particularly important these days, due to increased stress in everyday life, and chemical pollution in the environment.


A single treatment lasts about an hour and consists of hands-on massage techniques aided by the LBG. The process is very relaxing, but it is sometimes possible to feel tired the next day as the body continues to detoxify. Thereafter, energy levels generally improve.  The best results are usually obtained by taking a course of three or four treatments, ideally at weekly intervals.


Treatments take place by appointment in the historic town of Ludlow, between Hereford and Shrewsbury. There is ample parking on-site.


Single treatment £75.00

First treatment in a course of 2 or more treatments £50.00

Subsequent treatments £40.00

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